Thursday, July 22, 2010

Writing Reruns: Posts from the Past.

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed a bunch of new comments here on old posts. Which suggests that perhaps newer readers might find some value in some posts from the past. (How's that for justifying a too-busy-to-blog day?).

So what do editors really do with a pile of submissions? In which I feature excerpts and links from Peter Selgin's cop to how he manages his role as literary journal editor.

A Writer's Creed: Get What You Need. Maybe It's What You Want After All. In which I discuss how getting that MFA, or any good chunk of writing education, will disrupt life in general.

Point of View: A 10-year-old Explains it All. In which my son teaches me something. (Happens all the time.)

Writing the Seasonal Essay: This Time Next Year. In which I advocate getting a really big jump start.

Writing and Kids: Not So Mutually Exclusive. In which I get a little tough with writers who blame poor productivity on having procreated.

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