Monday, February 18, 2013

Are We Having (Writing!) Fun Yet?

Last week, I was invited to contribute a guest post to the blog of Linda Sienkiewicz, a novelist, award winning poet, short story writer, and visual artist. We are MFA buddies, having completed the same program. My post is about fitting something fun into one's writing life. 

Here's an excerpt.  

Thinking of writing as work is great for discipline, meeting deadlines, taking ourselves seriously, and convincing loved ones that what we’re up to all those hours at the keyboard is not a fling at fancy.
But it doesn’t inspire much joy, like fun does. What do you find fun in your writing life?  
The kind of fun you discovered when you first started writing. Remember that, back a few years, or a few decades?
...Having some fun with your writing life can provide a needed diversion from your main writing project, and help rekindle the joyful fun of writing and being a writer in the world...It may also enhance your craft skills and return you to the big project renewed.

You can read the whole post here.

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