Monday, February 25, 2013

Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

A few things I'd like to share.  I'll keep to the rule of threes.

> Another of my recent Boot Camp students wrote about how the experience helped her make commitments to her writing and to develop a submissions strategy.  She had this to say about me: "She was TOUGH. She was DIRECT. She was HONEST." I'm proud of that because I think it's my job to be all three of those things when it comes to writers who spend money, time, and energy working with me.

Last year, my husband and I were so relieved to be done with the grueling process of filling out our first college financial aid forms, we temporarily forgot we'd be at it again this winter, and -- with one kid a freshman in college right now and another a freshman in high school -- again and again...until...2020.  I have an essay up over at BaristaKids today about one aspect of the funding gauntlet. Hope you'll hop over and read, "Same Time Last Year -- Paying for College: Forms, Good Intel...and Wine."

> I like to work "both sides of the desk," so to speak, and so am happy to have recently been appointed Creative Nonfiction Editor for the forthcoming online journal, Compose. The first issue is in the works, and I'm pleased to be working with a talented group of editors representing several countries.

What's your good news?  Share it in comments if you like!


Amy Morgan said...

Lisa - you have reason to be proud. :) Also, we've had quite a few bottles of wine over the years working on those college funds and yes, definitely have one available when you hit that FAFSA form! Signed up for Compose - looks very interesting!

Lisa Romeo said...

Thanks, Amy. FAFSA is on tap for next week. I'm thinking Pinot Grigio.

Uli. said...

Wow -- congratulations on your new editor position! I just signed up to be notified when the first issue of Compose comes out. It sounds exciting.