Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, February 1, 2013 Edition

> Whether entering the contest, or as a writing exercise, this Brevity flash nonfiction essay challenge can only help improve one's creative nonfiction writing craft.

> Dinty W. Moore, at Bill Roorbach's blog, has a few things to say about Bill's (not so bad) advice to writers: think in 10 year segments, and be "porous and available."

> Did you know that Submittable, which manages submissions for a large number of literary journals and contests, rounds up a list of upcoming deadlines every couple of weeks at their blog?

> Wonder about optimal word counts for novel or children's books? Some guidelines.

> Need a few reading suggestions? This list of "100 Great Nonfiction Books" will keep you going for a while.

> Richard Blanco, who wrote and read his fine poem at President Obama's inauguration, penned a thoughtful essay about how his grandmother's disgust at his sexual orientation inadvertently shaped his work as a writer.  

> Interesting review about what sounds like an insightful book, Good Prose, by Tracy Kidder and his long time editor, Richard Todd.

> Finally, have a laugh at The Awl, with Modern Love: A (Likely!) Statistical Breakdown Of The Weekly 'New York Times' Column.


Lauri Meyers said...

Great links - thanks for sharing!

Amy Morgan said...

Loved Philip Graham's craft essay in Brevity. A complete lesson in itself. Thanks Lisa!