Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Hot August Writes

Today’s list of links I liked lately. Enjoy.

• My friend and former MFA classmate Kerry Herlihy wrote the Modern Love essay in last Sunday’s New York Times, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. (Okay, I’d be more thrilled if it were me, but I screamed out loud while alone in my office when I got the news a few weeks ago). On the blog of another mutual MFA classmate, Kerry describes how she nailed the acceptance, and its aftermath.

• Short stories seem suited to today’s shorter attention spans, right? Not according to the traditional publishing industry, and this piece (and all the comments) asks why not, and ventures a few guesses.

• Not busy over the upcoming Labor Day weekend? Maybe the International 3-day Novel Writing event is for you.

• Mothers (and fathers) who wish to participate in an online workshop focused on writing about parenthood would do well to check out this class, taught by Susan Ito, creative nonfiction editor at Literary Mama (and a generous, smart and funny gal).

• The Poets & Writers Maureen Egan Writers’ Exchange Contest, which moves from state to state, will reach my state in 2010 – New Jersey fiction writers and poets are eligible (deadline Dec. 1, 2009).

• Would you accept, and even be happy about, a payment of $30 for one of your creative works to appear in Time magazine? Apparently that’s what happened when the media giant paid for a cover photograph a little while back.

• France’s version of the blog-to-memoir-to-movie-to-second book deal. Ka-ching. And, good for her.• I’ve said this often: I’m not a huge fan of “balance.” Maybe because I’m not all that skilled at it. Yet I admire anyone – especially a writer-mother with a full time day job – who is trying anew to make it happen.

• Excellent writing prompts, tips, exercises over here.

• Harriet Brown’s next book is going to be a family memoir about dealing with her daughter’s anorexia and recovery. She’s posted a draft of her prologue here, and welcomes comments, particularly from those who have experience with the subject matter.

• It’s all about the story, says this writer. No matter what.

•And finally, I can’t nominate my own blog (well I could, but I feel a bit smarmy doing so), but if you think this blog is helpful for writers, you could do the deed.

Have a great weekend.

Coming soon on the blog -- an interview with Sue William Silverman on writing memoir.


Delia Lloyd said...

Hi Lisa

I've been meaning for some time now to tell you how much I enjoy your Friday Fridge Clean Outs. Always some real gems in there I wouldn't come across otherwise. I've even modeled the "Friday Pix" on my own blog on this idea of sharing fun/insightful stuff we come across on the web. Thanks for sharing!
Delia Lloyd

Kristy Lund said...

Love the Friday Fridge Clean out as well! Great info and links, thanks!

Mary Rose Webster said...

Hi Lisa, Just nominated your blog on Editor Unleashed. You deserve it--all the work you do for us. Thanks to you I finally got around to reading "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold." What a writer Gay Talese is. The interview in the Paris Review was fascinating as well, and it was interesting to read Talese's comments on the essay before reading it. Keep it up! Mary