Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, June1, 2012 Edition

► What do you think of this "submissions bombing" idea?

► Blog readers know how much I like writing prompts. In this guest post over at Jane Friedman's blog, Midge Raymond talks about her book for time-crunched writers, Everyday Writing, and offers some prompts.

Language is a Virus is an interesting, new-to-me site for writing exercises, games, prompts, etc.  (via Diane Lockward)

► Authors Kelly Corrigan and Anna Quindlen chat in this video.

GetPocket is a new, free site, billed as "A great option for those interested in saving video, images, text and other content, all in one place."  Viewable later  on any device -- mobile, tablet, or e-reader -- and, your computer. (via Wooden Horse)

► Some pointed revision/editing tips over at The Writer.

► Finally, the upcoming online personal essay writing class (begins July 9) is beginning to fill, so now is a good time to register.

Have a great weekend!