Hello Readers and Friends,

Something strange and lovely has happened in northern New Jersey this spring: we’re having spring-like weather! Instead of jumping straight from winter chill to days that feel like infernos, it’s actually spring: balmy, breezy, mild. Temps in the 60s. Cool evenings, sleeping with windows open. Days when I don’t dump a gallon of anti-frizz humidity control goop on my hair.

Hubby and I—novice empty-nesters—are eating on the patio, taking early evening walks without dripping (too much) sweat, leisurely shopping at farmer’s markets instead of grabbing quickly and bolting back to the air-conditioned car. Anyone who has lived in the Garden State knows it won’t last, and so it’s especially sweet.

These past precious weeks of true spring time have also lured me to stretch into a big new writing project....