Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Any Writing Resolutions?

Have you vowed, in 2008, to spend X number of hours with seat glued to chair, fingers on keyboard? Or to produce Y number of pages per morning? Or is your resolution to finish the novel or finally start the memoir? Set your sights on being published in a prestigious journal, important magazine, or major newspaper?

Good for you -- go for it.

Mine for 2008 is to go on a submission diet. Why? Fourth – and final – semester of my MFA program starts in two days: Six months focused on producing a manuscript-length piece of quality nonfiction. So, it’s curtains for submitting for a while.

Thing is, when it comes to submitting, I’m zealously, ploddingly disciplined: five a week, no matter what (that was 2007’s resolution, and it’s paid off). Still, something has got to go if I’m going to get through this semester. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, for those times when resolutions weaken and a little diversion is called for, try this: OneUpMe. The challenge changes daily. Only metaphor maniacs need apply.

If you are interested in what resolutions some digital-challenged journalists are making, look here.

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Erika D. said...

Enjoy your last semester in the MFA program, Lisa. We'll all be waiting to see that thesis in print! And thanks for the great (albeit) intimidating link for the digitally-challenged among us.