Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Debunked memoirists, thoughtless email writers: Who's to Blame?

►Does anyone else feel as if we are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to the next debunked fictionalized memoir? In the meantime, you might want to read what Andrew F. Altschul has to say on the topic. Yes, Altschul has a new book to promote, which explains the timing of his remarks, but I also think he makes some interesting points about who is to blame, and it's not just the writers. It may be, or it may also be, the book buying market – meaning book buyers, meaning...us?

►Some time ago, a colleague "responded" to an email inquiry of mine by accidentally hitting reply and what I got, instead of an answer, were a few rude and crass remarks about me and my inquiry, which she had intended for a mutual acquaintance. (Think of intercepting a mean note about you sent from one teenage frenemy to another. Really, are we still in high school?) Instead of sending her immature ramblings to that third party, she had hit reply and it came right back to me. Oops. (Come to think of it, maybe "colleague" is no longer the word I ought to use to describe this person?) But her flub gives me the opportunity to pass along, via
Seth Godin's blog, his exacting 36-point email checklist – things to think about before hitting "send." I especially like numbers 13 and 16, about not composing emails when angry, and not putting anything in writing you wouldn't be glad to have your boss see.

In the middle of reading (skimming?): The bills, junk mail, a few magazines and reams of newspaper that piled up while finishing off my creative manuscript so that I can actually, really, and finally get that MFA. Next month. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Did you send her a reply!? Once, I intended to forward a response from an agent (to my query) to a friend and sent it back to him. My comments were neutral, but it was embarrassing. He sent it back to me, simply saying "I don't think this was intended for me." I'm very careful now!