Monday, November 24, 2008

Writers Judging (Their Own) Book Covers: Discuss

I know, you'd think – if, like me, your work has yet to appear between two hard covers with only your own name on the front – that once you get to the point when a publisher is running proposed cover designs by you, you would be so darned happy about having a firm upcoming publication date, you just might be in a pretty agreeable mood.

Or, not.

Ken Whyte, editor-in-chief of
MacLean's magazine, got into a cover art tug-of-war with Random House for his upcoming first book (Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst) and shares the brief mess in an earnest and ultimately self-chastising piece on his magazine's blog. An excerpt:

"I went on strike. I quit answering emails from my editor’s production staff and announced that I was no longer in a mood to promote the book upon publication.
A few days went by.
My agent called: “Are you an idiot?”"
Read the whole (short) story
here, and learn more about the book and Whyte's writing process in this interview.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Came over here from Ask Wendy's blog.

Thanks for the useful links. I'm shocked that he's done that to the editorial staff. I would so not do that (that's how hard I'm craving for a book deal. I'd probably keel over and walk on fire just for that). There must be a pretty good story behind it.

I'm really liking your blog so far. I'll be dropping by again. :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh to be in a position to negotiate on covers!

Very funny story.

Anonymous said...
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