Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Writing it Short

I'm a bit under the weather (again or still), so here's a quickie bunch of links you might like. Enjoy.

♦ Have you read The Rumpus yet?

♦ Nonfiction book reviews by a reader who also happens to be a librarian. Check it out.

♦ A list of 100 Creative Nonfiction Blogs.

♦ I'm past the mother-of-very-young-kids stage, but I still check in every so often over at Babble, and so I was interested in this interview with its founder.

♦ Wondering how you might use Twitter to job hunt? Check these tips.

♦ I went to journalism school (Syracuse) with so many talented folks and I've enjoyed following their careers. It's heartbreaking to think about all the full time journalists now out of work, much less to contemplate the possible future of those now starting out.

♦ The Columbia Journalism Review book blog.

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