Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: December 4 edition

A short list of links this week – hope you find something you like.

► Editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg on his laid-off, forced-into-freelancing, one year crappy anniversary. Well done.

► Over at Nathan Bransford's blog, the agent is in the tables-turned position of having his own manuscript out on submission to publishers, and offers this advice for writers on responding to feedback from publishing house editors.

► Just discovered this site, with extensive listings of writing conferences and workshops. You can search by state, genre, or other criteria.

► Stephen Elliot on why he writes. No surprise, it's not for the big bucks! While on the Word Pirates blog, look around a while for some interesting posts and great links.

► And finally, did you know that there is already a 40-year-old hand-held, mobile reading device? Watch and grin.

Have a great weekend.


Sarah Crow said...

Re writers conference-related websites, there's also, which AWP runs. It has a slightly different list than the Shaw Guides site.


Elizabeth Searle said...

Thanks for the links list, Lisa!
Just have to chime in that Nathan Bransford's blog really rocks. Never before read a blog that can make me cry-- and laugh at the same time...