Thursday, February 18, 2010

In which the writing teacher gets reviewed.

Liz Sheffield, one of the hard working and talented writers who participated in one of my recent Online Memoir and Personal Essay Four by Four classes (we tackle one key topic each week for four weeks) put up a series of posts about her experience in the class. One is about the lesson on Beginnings and Endings, in which Liz observes why writers often "write past the ending." You can read what Liz has to say on her blog here. She also chronicled what she took away from two of the other weeks in the class, in posts here (about the "I" narrator) and here (about dialogue).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Lisa. And, more importantly, thanks for the great workshop! Part of my process was to pull one nugget out of my learning each week to share on my blog, as an accountability check for myself.

Lisa Romeo said...

Delighted, Liz!
Oh-accountability checks are the best.
One of my most productive writing periods ever was when a friend and I agreed to exchange emails each night for a month with nothing in them except a daily word count.