Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, February 18th 2011 Edition

►Worried that maybe you use one favorite word or one particular phrase too frequently? Check your prose over at WriteWords to find out.

► Over at Daily Finance, Karen Dionne tells all about foreign rights.

► In case you haven't followed the discussion about the distribution of work by women vs. men in literary magazines, here's the Vida post which started it all.

►If you like writer-centered link round-ups like this, try the 20-links lists over at Writer's Rainbow.

►And Erika Dreifus lists links to some post-AWP conference reactions.

►To what commuting lengths will some folks go to complete their education. Check out this writer's (gorgeous but trying) commute.

►If, like me, you enjoy the work of writer Hope Edelman, check out her relaunched blog.

►On Twitter, people with strong opinions about possible editorial fallout from the Huffington Post/AOL merger are posting under the hashtag #huffpuff. One positive outcome are the tweets directing writers to less well-known (paying) online venues to pitch/submit online news and features.

Have a great weekend.


Erika Dreifus said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Lisa. In case your readers are interested, I've since posted a more detailed set of personal post-AWP reflections, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, Thanks so much for the plug! I was reading about the various links, saw the one about the "gorgeous but trying" commute, and thought, "hey, that's like me." And it WAS me! I did a crazed version of a happy dance while I showed my husband. I love your blog, and this is a thrill. Many thanks.