Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I've been thinking. That's all.

Over the past few months, I've been absent here more than present. (If I recall my basic Emily Dickinson knowledge, she made a pretty good case that absence is indeed presence, compressed. But I digress.). I suppose you've noticed. I have run many guest posts, and am grateful to the writers who have been willing to share their stories and advice here about aspects of writing, publishing, and the writing life. 

Yes, partly my non-blogging is a result of (thankfully!) being quite busy with paid work – writing, editing, teaching, coaching, and with family…stuff. (Sartre was wrong, by the way, hell isn't "other people," it's shepherding one's oldest child through the college application, admittance, visit, scholarship, financial aid, and decision process.)


The silence has also been partly intentional. 

I have been thinking. Thinking about so many writing-related things. Thinking takes time, or at least, it should. And sometimes, it requires more input, less output. 

Sometimes one needs to regroup, to listen and not speak, to absorb and ponder, and refrain from churning out more words, advice, ideas, (noise?). That's what I've been doing.  Observing, considering, reading what (many) others have to offer in the way of writing and craft advice, publishing guidance, career development. 

Being in that kind of mode typically is not that interesting to anyone else; it doesn't look exciting from the outside, either in person or on the page. I decided that while I'm in that zone, it's probably not all that useful, at the same time, to also write blog posts. 

Often I point out to writing students and coaching/editing clients that in the total writing process, in both the act and business of writing, the most underrated facet is -- thinking. We are all so busy writing, talking, revising, editing, explaining, defending, pontificating, discussing. Thinking falls off the radar. 

When I want to, when I can, I'll have something more to say. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking.

6 comments: said...

Very healthy. God for you! said...

God for you. Or, good for you. Or both. LOL.

drew said...

I have missed you, and I'm happy to know you are alive, thriving, and thinking. You make an excellent point: writing requires thinking, which requires solitude and a sort of quietude that activity does not allow. Think on!

kario said...

Thank you. You have just given me permission to let myself not write for the sake of writing.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

I love your title and glad to hear that you're listening to your inner voice. Just by thinking out loud you said so much.

Muddy said...

I love this post! It's so true: sometimes you need to hole up and regroup. I love that you are taking the time to do that and are making no apologies for it. Think on!