Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One More Time: Writing Prompts Program Held Over for February

In January, I offered to send a daily writing prompt to all who signed up. Plenty of folks did. By request, and because I like dreaming up prompts each morning while trying to wake up over my cup of lousy instant decaf, I'm extending the program for the month of February. (But that's it; I have a big project to tackle in March.)

If you want to participate, just drop me an email with the word "Prompt" in the subject line and your name (first, last, or both) in the body of the email. You'll get an email every day with the prompt. That's it, from my end. You decide what to do next -- write in response to the prompt, file it for future inspiration-starved days, take a pass, delete, or work it into the first line of your next novel, story, essay, rant, poem, journal entry, blog post, tweet?

Here is my original post about why I like prompts and what I hope they might do for you, and here is an update about how some folks used the prompts last month.

Also during February, you'll see a few blog posts by the January participants.

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Interesting blog. Congratulations.
Daniel D. PEACEMAN, Editor of Contemporary Horizon Magazine