Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: June 11th Edition

► Novelist, small press publisher, and dynamic personality Kelly Link has some excellent, nitty-gritty advice about writing, reading and publishing over at Anna’s Book Blog. I’ve heard Kelly speak several times, and although I don’t think I’ll ever write anything in her genre (paranormal and fantasy fiction), I always walk away with fresh insights and a desire to hear more.

► The name of this blog says it all: White Readers Meet Black Authors. It’s a good one.

► This exhaustive list of ways to jump-start, restart, and fire up your writing and writing process has something for every type of writer, at every skill level.

► My final link to one of those “writers over/under X age” lists: 40+ writers over 40. Enough said.

► Two book giveaways still active here on the blog: An essay collection, Why We Ride: Women Writers on the Horses in Their Lives (my story is on page 111; must enter by 6/13); and a novel about the south and so much more, Ghost Swamp Blues, by Laraine Herring (enter by 6/19).

Have a great weekend


Christi Craig said...

You provide some great links, Lisa. Thanks for this post! said...

Love the 40 over forty link. Forty is just so young these days, isn't it? Carleen Brice.

CherylT said...

where have you been, Lisa? I was looking forward to something new. But thanks for the link to the 40 writers article. Nice blog.

Lisa Romeo said...

CherylT, you noticed!
I was hibernating a little bit - at first it was planned, to finish a project, but now it's mandatory b/c of a (not serious, but annoying) medical issue. I'll be back soon!

Uli said...

I hope you're feeling better (and that you'll be posting again soon)!