Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: June 25th Edition

Brushes With Fame is one of the "story projects" over at the SMITH magazine site (home of Six Word Memoirs), featuring very short glimpses of a time when an average person unexpectedly crossed paths with a celebrity. Mine is here.

►I loved this feel-good story, about a small group of friends who made certain their deceased friend's only novel manuscript made its way to publication. Seems to me one of the best and highest uses of "self" publication.

►Speaking of self publishing, be sure to read Laura Miller's piece at Salon about how the ability for anyone anywhere to publish anything affects the reading public.

►Two weeks ago I was suffering through a painful physical problem. I could have used this advice about writing through pain, both physical and emotional, from Strangling My Muse.

►Memoir writers might want to check out these tips to move their stories away from the "play by play" and toward a richer narrative.

►Writers who want to write for money? Oh, the gall! Don't skip the comments on this piece at The Rumpus.

►And finally, there are few things I like more than hearing of the publishing success of one of the talented writers with whom I've worked. Many months ago, during my online class, when Chris Harder was working on essays about the confluence of being a soccer fan and an at-home-Dad, I had a feeling I'd see one published around World Cup time. And last week, he scored this piece in the Sunday New York Times.


CherylT said...

gawd i love the things that you connect to. when i have more time, i'm going to check these links out more thoroughly. power to ya! said...

Your MJ piece is AWESOME.

Brilliant writing.

Love it.

Strangling My Muse said...

Thanks for linking to my post about writing through pain, Lisa -- sorry it came too late to help you!

~Sandy Ackers