Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, August 2, 2013 Edition

> I've not yet had a chance to read any of the pieces posted there, but I'm intrigued by The Big Roundtable, a new place on the web for long-form nonfiction (5000-30K words).

> When revising just isn't working, reconsider the blank page.

> AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) has announced the accepted seminars, panels and readings for their 2014 conference in Seattle
The long list is here (PDF).

> Did you know that New Pages lists the blog links for a couple of hundred writers, alphabetically by writers' last name?

> Talk about the imagined pressure to join the "family business" -- what if you were part of the King clan?

> Another place for your (shorter) nonfiction is Tell Us A Story, where a new piece goes up every Wednesday.

> Slightly off-topic, but maybe not if you consider these "33 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die," as a way to find new essay ideas or motivations for your fiction characters.

> If you use Gmail and have noticed the new email sorting that is being automatically imposed on your inbox and don't like it, here's an easy way to turn it off and return to seeing all your email at once.  (This has been especially irksome to me personally because you know what Google, I'll decide what's important to me, not you, OK?; and if you subscribe to blogs or newsletters, those emails are likely now going to different folders, unnoticed.)

> Working hard to earn money from your freelance writing? Check out this post, listing 15 blogs that can help.

> Finally, everyone is talking about the convocation speech given this spring by the writer George Saunders at Syracuse University (I'm class of...well, long ago). One word: kindness.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks so much for linking to our site, Tell Us A Story! As I am sure you know, it is difficult to start a new site and get submissions, so we appreciate your support!

Best wishes
Amanda and Allyson