Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers -- November 22, 2013 Edition

A smaller list than usual, downsized for pre-Thanksgiving time-challenged writers out there (and over here). Enjoy!

> Love annual book lists? How about a list of book lists? Check out LargeHearted Boy's mega-post (warning: major rabbit hole!).

> Have you seen Modern Loss? An interesting new site for essay and memoir about the many contemporary ways of dealing with grief.

> Bestselling many-times-traditionally-published novelist Allison Winn Scotch's post about her decision to self-publish offers views on pragmatism, risk-taking, control, leaps of faith, hard-won experience, and (between the lines), the costs of going indie without sacrificing any of the power of the traditional marketing machine.

> Two angles on decoding rejection notes from literary journals, and what to do about it. Plus, news to me, and oh so interesting: a wiki listing hundreds of journals; when you click on one, up pops examples of their standard and personal rejections. Not sure whether each is up-to-date or accurate, but fascinating.

> I like discovering other writing blogs that also offer links on Friday, like this one, by a fellow NJ writer.

> Finally, for your entertainment pleasure, a "grumpy literary agent" offers SlushPile Hell. Can't believe people really write this stuff in their cover letters. Can't believe I spent an hour reading every single (very short) post going back two years. (Okay, I was stuck in a waiting room, but still.)  Very funny.

Have a great weekend!

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