Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, Jan. 7 Edition

► I suppose I always knew this about The New Yorker, but it took the recent flap online for me to truly take notice: Does the magazine have a Girls Don't Get (Many) Bylines policy?

►Interesting exploration over at Kim's Craft Blog for nonfiction writers challenged by the need to create vivid nonfiction scenes for events which they did not themselves witness.

►I'm not big on resolutions (everyone knows what happens to those), but I do like reading about what accomplished writers want to do differently – both serious and silly ideas for change from 37 writers are gathered in this piece over at Jacket Copy, the LA Times' literary blog.

► A coveted piece of journalism real estate for memoir and personal essay writers is the Modern Love column in the Sunday New York Times (even though the column's shrunk in word count and page space since a year ago). The column's editors detail the latest criteria and submissions detail here.

►For something different, catch a Filmpoem (hat tip New Pages).

► First a divorce section, now the Huffington Post has a dedicated comedy vertical. (Wonder if they'll ever have a We Pay Writers section?

►If you get there by January 10, you can snag a free e-reader download of a test prep book from Kaplan, which is offering them in 130 categories.

►You can now make a TweetMag from your own (or others') Twitter streams. The iTunes app, according to its developer "scans your Twitter stream and presents all links in a readable format".

► Have you ever checked out the PrePub Alert Blog over at Library Journal? There, the editors look ahead to what's going to be on the bookshelves, in every genre in a few months, and also include author interviews from time to time.

►I tend to get itchy all over when the topics of writing with SEO and keyword density in mind come up. Yet if you are going to write anything for the web (even if that's only copy for your own website), you'd best understand what these terms mean and how to do it, and this explanation over at WordCount can help (hat tip Steph Auteri).

► Finally, this very funny and snarky graphic Anatomy of a (Very Famous Magazine Company) Masthead (pdf).

Have a great weekend.


Leightongirl said...

I always love you Friday clean-outs! Thanks for the great links.

Michelle Rafter said...

Lisa: Thanks so much for linking to my SEO post, but even more for linking to the magazine company masthead graphic - you made my afternoon.

Michelle Rafter