Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, Jan. 21st Edition

► Over at The Millions, Cathy Day examines the workshop model, its over-emphasis on the short story, and why that's kind of awful for the budding novelist. A little funny, a lot on point and definitely worth thinking about.

► Canadian author Rebecca Eckler, interviewed in the National Post, on the editing process: "After reading your own manuscript for the 11th time, be it fiction or non-fiction, you think you’d be bored. Sometimes that’s how I feel, but then I realize it’s not boredom I’m feeling, it’s just, 'Oh God. Do I really have to read it again???' No, boredom is not the right word. Frustration? Maybe. Angry? A little. Bitter? Slightly. And, yes, sometimes during the editing process, I would rather clean my toilets. But that’s more procrastination than boredom."

►Is it really time to say RIP to…Dear?

► Great book publicity idea for a YA novel: For her book, Will Work For Prom Dress (due out Feb. 8), author Aimee Ferris is posting photos of other writers in (what else?) their prom attire. Readers guess who's who based on clues in the caption, and every day at 5:00 EST, Ferris links the mystery photo to that author's website.

► Finally, have some laughs – and I mean it! -- with these cartoons starring writers' neuroses, over at Bo's CafĂ© Life.

Have a great weekend.

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