Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter 2011 Writing Prompts Project

Four times a year, for several weeks at a time, I send out a daily writing prompt to all who want to receive them. It arrives in your email inbox every morning, seven days a week. The Winter 2011 Prompts Project will run from January 10 - March 13.

In a nutshell, the idea is - use the prompts to write something (hey, it may be the only writing you get done that day!), pass them along to your writing group, stockpile for future days when ideas are scarce, jot them into your writer's notebook and see what happens, challenge yourself to incorporate just the prompt (usually one word or a short phrase) into that day's writing, or ignore them until one prompt comes along which really makes you start to think or imagine or remember, or makes you upset, intrigued, curious, inspired, angry...

To sign up at any time during the 8 weeks, send me an email, and please put Prompts in the subject line. (Note - if that link doesn't work, use the one in the left column.)

Want to know more? Read past posts here and here.


PS85QTekkids said...

May I join the writing prompts group?

PS85QTekkids said...

Hi, Please include me in your responding to prompts group! Thanks

Me said...

What a fantastic idea to keep the creative juices flowing! I will have to check this out on my writing blog one day soon...I'm at a point now where I feel like enough thinking about writing and sit down and just write! Write, write write!