Monday, January 5, 2015

Writing Inspiration Redux: 15 Posts Writers Keep Reading

In case you missed a few, and before we move on to all new material, here are the 15 most trafficked posts from 2014 (exclusive of the Friday Fridge Clean-Outs). I'm pleased so many are guest posts from my valued contributors. (And yes, I know "Top X" lists should be published before the new year begins; this is what happens when you schedule a post in advance for December 30, 2016). 

14.  Acceptance After (Multiple) Rejections: It Only Takes One Yes, One Editor, One

Thanks to all my readers!  And by the way, I'm now scheduling guest posts for the first half of this year; let me know if you have an idea.

Image: Flickr/Creative Commons, Kevin Dooley


Hope Clark said...

Oh wow! I'm honored! What a good idea to show people what posts were good for the past year. Congrats for the success!

Unknown said...

These are all really great articles! Thanks for rounding them up!