Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Post-AWP Posts (In case of post-AWP Withdrawal, or Relief)

I'm beginning to see posts around the web by folks who were at the AWP Conference last week. Here's a round-up of what's come across my radar thus far. (I'll bring you more in the Friday Fridge Clean-Out.)

Over at Assay Journal you'll find nearly a dozen posts from AWP2015 covering different panels and presentations. Some of these include:  "Confronting Our Fears: Turning Adversity Into Art,"  "Time and Structure in the Novel,"  "Narrative, Lyric, Hybrid: Crafting Essay Collections into Books," and many more.

Bustle rounded up advice from two panels focused on essay writing, for their post, "How to Write a Personal Essay That Will Tell the Story the Way You Want it To,

A Minnesota news site covered a panel of prison writing instructors, another wrote about the conference's diversity presentations, and Laurie Hertzel summed it up for the Star Tribune.

Here's Dani Shapiro's report for The New Yorker website.

Publishers Weekly has two features based on AWP panels on "The Art and Business of Children's Books," and what the AWP experience means to publishers who are "Far From the Coast."

Several personal accounts of attending AWP: Sheila Squillante; three posts from Chelsea Biondolillo; Anca Szilagyi on crime fiction and independent presses; 

Finally, Bill & Dave's Cocktail Hour posted some pics of their AWP adventure, and a Brevity blog post, "So You Didn't Go to AWP" (yep, that's me!), sums up all the serious silliness attending may have brought upon you, and how you can recreate the experience right there at home (note: wine, and lots of instagram activity are involved).

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Linda K Sienkiewicz said...

Ooh - I'm so happy you found some links. I attended Time and Structure in the Novel, but my notes were so jumbled it was hard for me to make sense of them.

Linda K Sienkiewicz said...
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