Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers -- November 17, 2017 Edition

> Looking for traditional, independent"memoir-friendly" small presses? Check out this list (and other helpful writer resources) at Jodi Sh Doff's website.

> At The Writer magazine, Beth Ann Fennelly (whose new book, Heating and Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs, is on my TBR list), has on-point tips for writing the micro-memoir.

> Fascinating behind-the-scenes video and interview on book cover design.

> Each year writer Clifford Garstang does an exhaustive ranking of literary magazines, based solely on Pushcart Prize stats. The newest is here.

> Dina Honour, at Cleaver Magazine, makes a case for writing through "girl-colored glasses."  

> Does your writing (and maybe the way you think about what you're writing) sometimes seem as if it's tilted? Looking at things sideways? Well, yay you -- so says Paul Crenshaw over at North American Review.

Have a great weekend! 

Image:  Flickr/CreativeCommons


Lorri said...

I always love your Friday Fridge Clean-Out, Lisa! I highly recommend Beth Ann Fennelly's new book. I read her tips in The Writer last month, immediately ordered her book, and then entered The Writer's micro-memoir contest she was judging. Surprise! I opened the December issue and found my piece published there as one of ten finalists. Very fun!

Lisa Romeo said...

Hi @Lorri - that is wonderful news, Congratulations! Thanks for reading the blog and letting me know.